October 3, 2020 - 7pm - 7am


SHARE YOUR STORY: In this new digital presentation, we meditate on distance and connection, and how people bridge the space between, pre and post pandemic. Through a collection of shared stories, we explore the ways people have experienced this space.

If you wish to share your story or have any questions, email us at
About me
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Playwright’s Note

The Space Between is a story that has been with me for a long time, searching for an audience, and (in some ways) slowly seeping out of me. It is a lived experience that over time has returned to me in memories and dreams – the collected moments, fragments of days that represent a lifetime and continue to change everything. For me, these passing moments remain vivid and inescapable; as it has often been said, we are the sum of our experiences. The consequence of this is that I have had a great deal of time to think about sharing this story with you.


In the summer of 2013, I sat down to write the play – the story of a young boy from South Africa who falls in love with a young American girl while abroad, only to be separated from her on his return to South Africa. The relationship between the young children and the long road to their reunion is the heart of the play. The story takes place against the historical backdrop of apartheid, but it is not a story about racial division or political unrest; rather, it is one of unrelenting hope and the innocence of young love.


I have vividly imagined our reunion countless times, shifting myself into infinite forms that would not only exceed her expectations, but bridge the cold reality of time apart.


I have enjoyed exploring the theme of distance – emotional, cultural, and physical – through my own personal history. It is my hope that this heartfelt journey will be relatable across all cultural and geographic boundaries. The nature of “the space” between us all is that it is far-reaching and still very much relevant today. Ultimately, the play asks us a single question: Is love enough to bridge that distance?


Simeon Taole